Property reports

Search sales history for Western Australian properties sold since 1988. Simply enter a street address on our home page to find sales history reports with in-depth property details for any house, unit, street or suburb. Find copies of valuation roll extracts and a range of complete property reports for a single address.

Suburb reports

Suburb sales reports list the sales history of properties sold in a suburb with address, land size, bedrooms and bathrooms and build date details.

Street reports

A street sales report shows sales history and property particulars for houses, units and vacant land sold in a selected street.

Single address reports

There are two reports to choose from, a simple sales history listing for a single property address, or a Property Interest Report.

If you're interested in weekly updates on property sales and median house prices, take a look at our market trends details page.

Land valuations

Information on gross rental values and unimproved land valuations made by the Valuer-General for rating and taxing.

Specialist Valuations

The Specialist Values team at Landgate provides Market Valuations, Government Asset Valuations and Mining and Business Interest Valuations.

This page was last updated on: 06 Nov 2018