Land Transactions toolkit

The land transactions toolkit is a collection of information and resources to assist in the completion of a land titling transaction. If you would like to make suggestions for changes or improvements to the toolkit, please complete and submit our Feedback form.

Land Titles Registration Policy and Procedure Guides

To keep up to date with changing legislation and best practice, consult the latest policy and procedure guides and brochures.

Strata Titles policy and procedure guides

Find information on strata planning, approval and surveys. Read about the conversion, maintenance and termination of strata titles.

Survey and Plan policy and procedure guides

Discover more about the procedures around survey and plan drafting, lodgement and approval, and look up information on survey guidelines, field notes, easements and interests.

Land transactions forms and fees

Complete a Lodgement and Search form and look up the associated fee. Download Strata and Land Titling forms, or complete the new online National Mortgage Form.

Land transactions reference guides

Read about identity verification, paper document preparation and document lodgement acceptability. Find out about Strata Titles, single-tier strata schemes, replacing a lost title and amending ownership.

Customer self-serve videos

Need more help? We’ve developed a series of videos detailing some of the most common queries that our customers ask us. Watch them now.

This page was last updated on: 15 Jul 2019